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How to Cut Shopping Cart Abandonment in Half

It has to be one of the most frustrating trends in e-commerce. Your prospective customer has selected items, gone to the shopping cart, and for some reason BOOM. They’re gone, and your shopping cart is left abandoned; the promising sale is lost. The statistics paint a pretty harrowing picture. If Edward Munsch’s guy on a bridge were in e-commerce, we’d know exactly what he was screaming about! Baymard.com calculates an average abandonment rate of 68.07%. Yup, that’s over two-thirds of every potential customer, a cost to the industry estimated in 2014 to be over three trillion dollars. Three trillion! View more…

The Latest Trends in e-commerce and m-commerce: Our Top Tips for 2015

Here we are, almost a full third of the way into 2015 already! Now is a good time to talk about some of the latest market predictions and the concepts we’ve seen recently at top conferences. Ideas pop up all the time in our space, but only some will become market leaders. Here are our top tips for the rest of 2015 so you can stay ahead of the pack.
1. Email has made the switch to an m-commerce commodity
For a long time email marketing has suffered an identity crisis, exacerbated by a public image of scam artists and Viagra View more…