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How to make an app like Instagram

How to Make an App like Instagram

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for a billion dollars in 2012 was considered by investment analysts as extravagant at the very least. However, by 2016 when Instagram was conservatively valued at $50B, the critics were claiming to have been misquoted. But how easy is it to build an app like Instagram? The simple answer is that it’s not rocket science. It is harder, far harder. I mean, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea and other pariah states have enough rocket scientists to build millions of missiles, but there is only one Instagram in the world. And View more…

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Why Now is the Best Time to Make an Augmented Reality Application, and How to Do It.

Ten years ago, the tech industry and video game developers were ecstatic about the opportunities advances in technology were creating for virtual reality. However, as we hurtle into the 21st century proper, more and more developers are turning their backs on virtual reality for a new and exciting approach to perception: Augmented Reality. Developers are not the only ones turning to Augmented Reality. Harvard Business Review recently had a major segment authored by the famed Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, which had View more…

How to make an app like Uber : A Look at Functionality and Cost

Do you want to improve your service delivery by offering it on demand? If so, Uber is a great case study. Uber’s journey will help you learn how to build a first class on demand app and provide excellent service while understanding the costs associated with the development process. Let’s get started.

Developing an application like Uber and uploading it to the Google Play store or the Apple App store is not a walk in the park. Shifting users from the taxi business requires an exceptional experience for both riders and drivers, a seamless application and a trustworthy intermediary.

Uber Marketing View more…

5 Things You Need to Know About Chatbots

Chatbots are currently the hottest technology trend that offers a variety of functions including personal assistance, weather forecast, and flight delay updates. Before proceeding, make sure to have a clear picture of exactly what a Chatbot is. A Chatbot (also referred as Chat bot) is an artificial intelligence technology developed to initiate conversation with human users. Chatbots can respond automatically to direct commands by analyzing keywords and delivering natural conversational phrases. Some of the most popular and featured Chatbot applications are Chatbot Facebook, Smooch for Messenger, Smokey, Kik, Settle it, and much more.  The AI industry is expected to View more…

How to Develop a Great Apple Watch App – 5 Essential Tips

When the book has been written on advancements in tech for 2015, there’s going to be two items that changed the game. Firstly is the recently announced Tesla Motors Powerwall. It might not be the leap to sustainable energy for all that we might hope for, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The other will undoubtedly be Apple’s Watch. With a million pre-orders and a year one sales forecast of thirty million units, the Apple Watch is going to make some serious waves. But how can we capitalize and develop hot apps for the platform?
Prior to View more…

The Latest Trends in e-commerce and m-commerce: Our Top Tips for 2015

Here we are, almost a full third of the way into 2015 already! Now is a good time to talk about some of the latest market predictions and the concepts we’ve seen recently at top conferences. Ideas pop up all the time in our space, but only some will become market leaders. Here are our top tips for the rest of 2015 so you can stay ahead of the pack.
1. Email has made the switch to an m-commerce commodity
For a long time email marketing has suffered an identity crisis, exacerbated by a public image of scam artists and Viagra View more…

How to Build a Successful Million Dollar Mobile App

For every big selling app on the market place today, there are hundreds if not thousands of products that simply didn’t make the cut. So what’s the secret? What makes some developers draw in a steady monthly income, and others cry into their beer over what could have been?
Market Research
According to some experts, you should be spending up to 80% of your time on market research. After all, we’re in a fast moving marketplace. Needs pop up and disappear, and it’s vital for your company to at least keep up with current developments, if not be one step ahead. View more…

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