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Wearable Technology

How to Develop a Great Apple Watch App – 5 Essential Tips

When the book has been written on advancements in tech for 2015, there’s going to be two items that changed the game. Firstly is the recently announced Tesla Motors Powerwall. It might not be the leap to sustainable energy for all that we might hope for, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The other will undoubtedly be Apple’s Watch. With a million pre-orders and a year one sales forecast of thirty million units, the Apple Watch is going to make some serious waves. But how can we capitalize and develop hot apps for the platform?
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The Latest Trends in e-commerce and m-commerce: Our Top Tips for 2015

Here we are, almost a full third of the way into 2015 already! Now is a good time to talk about some of the latest market predictions and the concepts we’ve seen recently at top conferences. Ideas pop up all the time in our space, but only some will become market leaders. Here are our top tips for the rest of 2015 so you can stay ahead of the pack.
1. Email has made the switch to an m-commerce commodity
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Thinking About Wearable Technology? Good. You Should Be.

It is no secret: wearable technology is changing the landscape of industries big and small. From the almost-here Apple Watch to Google Glass and the recently announced device made by Phillips that helps doctors track patients’ health who have a chronic respiratory disease (credit to gigaom.com), wearable technology is becoming increasingly applicable to all industries.

But wearable technology represents much more than just high-tech wristbands and glasses. The trend is going to guide CEOs, entrepreneurs, software developers and marketers through the second decade of the 21st century. Professionals are finding ways to integrate Google Glass internally and externally. Do note View more…

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