Google’s Android holds nearly 90 percent of the total market share for mobile operating systems in the world. Throw in the fact that there are more than 2 billion Android devices that are active every month and it’s easy to see the incredible potential of Android development services providers creatively building mobile apps to engage all of those billions of Android users out there.

The massive user potential requires a lot of work to harness. Taking an Android app from concept to beautifully marketable reality involves a lot of time and effort. Part of the reason for this is the dynamic and complex nature of the Android ecosystem that Google helped launch and Android developers later helped to expand. Given the fact that 24,000 different kinds of devices made by over 1,300 brands run on Android, it’s easy to see why Android app development can present some challenges.

Luckily, our Android developers have the resources and experience required to make app development for Android less stressful and more productive and profitable. As with any mobile app, Android development means there will be many decisions to be made on how your new application is presented to the world. We offer a wide range of Android development services at Venture Aviator that can be truly tailored to your needs, budget, and goals.

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Android Developer Needed?

Don’t have the time or internal staff needed to complete an app for an Android development project? Not a problem. We’re prepared to work with both entrepreneurs and enterprise clients to complete projects that are sustainable and scalable across all Android devices including Android smartphones and tablets, Android Wear and Android TV. From finance and healthcare to business and e-commerce, our Android app developers are capable of creating products for all industries and purposes.

Our in-app purchase set-up or chat features expertise can make your product even more engaging and interactive. The Venture Aviator Android team can add an assortment of appealing features and capabilities to your product, including:

• In-app purchase capabilities
• Social integration
• Background processing
• Multi-device sync
• Custom fonts and other interface features
• Enhanced security features
• Android NDK
• Geo-fencing and location tracking
• Push notifications
• Offline support

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Why Venture Aviator?

We’re an Android app development company with a well-established presence in New York and California. We have access to all of the various technologies and tools necessary to customize your Android app to your specific priorities and requirements. Whether you have a simple or complex interface or you want us to pay particular attention to your onboarding process to make your product especially welcoming to new users, our Android development team is committed to exceeding your expectations.

By choosing Venture Aviator as your Android development company you can expect:

• Complete confidentiality of your product data
• An Android app that’s right for your budget
• A smooth development process from start to finish
• Easy access to our Android app developers
• Honest, competitive pricing
• Total transparency in everything we do
• Best practices across top Android Development markets in Los Angeles, NYC and San Francisco

User-Centered Android App Development

You’ll be partnered with an Android app developer who knows why creating an app centered around user experience is a must today. Our developers have built numerous apps for Android and understand what users expect and how to surpass their needs. Android is an OS that doesn’t have a lot of constraints or rigid standards for apps. This means that creating an app for Android users is like starting with a blank canvas where we will help you create your masterpiece.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with any app. What we do every day for clients is use our experience with the Android ecosystem to create apps that users will actually want to use beyond the initial download.

Our developers will offer smart suggestions and help you dive into data to fine-tune your concept. What you’ll end up with is an engaging, well-designed product that will continue to be used.

Convert Android App to iOS

Do you already have an Android app that’s performing well across all the many Android devices? Check out our iOS developers, who are well-versed in all aspects of iOS development, can help you convert an Android application that’s working well for you into an iOS version of the same app!

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Venture Aviator Android App Development Services

Take advantage of our Android App Development Studio and full range of Android app development services. You’ll gain access to all of the experience and resources you’ll need to tap into what today’s app users expect.

We offer assistance with every stage of the development. The first step we’ll take is to analyze the tech feasibility of your product idea to determine how likely it is your concept will become a viable product. This initial step is especially important since it’s your “awesome idea” that will serve as the guide for everything else we’ll do to prepare your app for its debut.

Our in-house team will manage every stage of your app’s development process, from the initial concept that you first tell us about to any follow-up support you may need once your Android app is up and running and available for mass consumption. The unique nature of the Android platform

Android Development Servicesmeans there are many opportunities available to you as an entrepreneur. We’ll help you explore these possibilities, including potential opportunities you may not have considered.

Our Android developers will oversee the following aspects of your app’s design:

• User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design: We’ll produce an Android product designed with your user’s preferences and expectations in mind.

• Architecture: From creating frameworks to defining network layers, we’ll handle all of the technical details for app development.

• Testing: At our Android App Development Studio, we’ll test your product on multiple Android devices to allow for various test case scenarios. Our comprehensive evaluation process includes accessibility, system, integration, load, and deployment testing.

• Quality Assurance: Our comprehensive approach to QA includes testing on actual devices for usability, performance, and function.

• Customized development: Whether it’s functionality and UI development or code review and unit testing that needs to be done, no detail will be overlooked.

• Android app readiness: We’ll run through your Android app to make sure it is ready for its launch.

• Post-launch: Providing marketing supporting, producing and exploring user experience analytics and monitoring crashes are some of the steps we can take after your Android app launches.

For Android development that makes sense for your needs, turn to the team at Venture Aviator. We’re an Android development company that routinely helps clients like you take the guesswork, stress, and uncertainty out of Android app development.

Start seeing results that matter by making Venture Aviator your preferred Android app development company. Contact us now for Android app development help.

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