Develop, test, and deploy blockchain applications faster with high-quality, customized solutions from Venture Aviator. We are a leading blockchain developer with an interactive and engaging approach to blockchain development services and programming geared towards producing results that matter to both clients and intended users. Take a moment to see what makes Venture Aviator a leader among blockchain technology companies.

Leveraging Blockchain to Boost Your ROI 

For blockchain companies, 2017 was a great year mainly because this technology has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s likely to continue to do so moving forward in 2018 and beyond. Largely associated with the Bitcoin craze and the many Altcoins ICO launches that followed Bitcoin (Ethereum, EOS, Stellar Lumens, NEO, and others), blockchain can be used to create digital transaction ledgers that can be shared via a distributed network of computers. If you’re among the leading entrepreneurs or corporate executives paying attention to Blockchain technology, we’re to help you on your journey to Blockchain success at any point where you need assistance. We are the expert blockchain developer that is prepared to help you use this technology in a way that’s would be most effective for your specific needs. Since being on top of blockchain tech trends is a priority at Venture Aviator, you’ll be able to tap into our expertise in blockchain programming to implement this technology in a way that makes sense for you and your organization. Whether you are facing a difficult decision between using EOS vs. Stellar Lumens vs. Solidity as your technology base,  figuring out the costs and benefits of doing a Private Blockchain vs. a Public Blockchain, or looking for best ways how to launch your own cryptocurrency via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Venture Aviator is here to help you with all your Blockchain software development and Blockchain consulting needs.

Blockchain Development Services

Develop blockchain application technology on your terms with Venture Aviator. We’ll help you find a blockchain solution or build a blockchain that works for you. Whether you prefer a template based on a platform you already like, looking to move your current software onto the blockchain or you’re looking for something more individualized, our blockchain development team will build and configure your network’s infrastructure. With our blockchain team at the wheel, you’ll be able to shift your attention to business critical tasks. We offer blockchain development services that can be tailored to many different business models, including ICOs.

We’re a full-service blockchain developer offering assistance with blockchain technology that includes:

  • Transitioning onto blockchain
  • Related Solidity, Dapp, and Ethereum development
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • ICO consulting Blockchain Implementation

You will partner with a blockchain engineer who will implement blockchain based on your specific goals and preferences. Whether you prefer a prototype or a full production-ready platform, a blockchain engineer from Venture Aviator will help you effectively leverage this technology. Our blockchain platform providers and engineers do full implementation.

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Bitcoin Development Services

Why Choose Us for Your Blockchain Programming Needs?

What makes Venture Aviator stand out from other blockchain technology companies? For starters, we’re pleased to have worked with many top clients who can attest to the quality of our work and over the last year alone our blockchain development projects have raised over $150 million via venture capital and an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). One of our blockchain clients, Rentberry was just named among one of the Top 10 ICOs to Watch for 2018 by Inc. Magazine. Venture Aviator is also a cryptocurrency development company you’ll want to work with because of our expertise in both FinTech and E-commerce, both sectors that are critical to foundation of Blockchain itself and in the application of Blockchain in any industry. Our cryptocurrency developers have past experience in helping Fortune 500 FinTech companies like Allianz with innovation projects, our crypto developers in the past had a hand in building a point-of-sale system that powers thousands of mobile retail locations for Verizon across the U.S.

A Leader Among Blockchain Vendors

We pride ourselves on being a leader among blockchain vendors that’s always looking for cool and innovative ways to implement blockchain technology. Vendors like Consensys mainly focus on Ethereum development. Bitfury emphasizes products for businesses and governments. AlphaPoint tends to offer blockchain solutions like virtual machines. Venture Aviator offers a broad range of services that can be used in smart ways by many different businesses with unique and diverse needs. We’re here to help you develop and maintain secure, scalable, and customizable platforms you can use to deploy blockchain technology to innovate, transform, and differentiate the digital currency aspects of your business.

Blockchain Consulting

Engage with the Venture Aviator team to improve your comprehension of the intricacies of blockchain applications with our blockchain consulting services. Our team of blockchain programming experts will guide you in identifying smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain architecture specific to your business goals.

Unlimited Possibilities with Decentralized cryptocurrencies

There are approximately 15 million blockchain wallet users today, a big jump from 3 years ago when there were less than one million. The transactions, which can involve national currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies, take place on exchanges. The role of blockchain solution providers like Venture Aviator is to help clients involved with bitcoin transactions and other cryptocurrency transactions take care of the technical details with greater efficiency. Whether you need us to write smart contracts and protocols or handle your scaling requirements, we’re the blockchain developer you can count on to get the job done.

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. Decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are widely viewed in tech circles as the future of technology. We’ll orchestrate all stages of your cryptocurrency software development project. If you only need some input or some help with coding, you can also select only the cryptocurrency development services you need.

We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency development services, including:

  • Custom altcoin creation
  • Mining pool development
  • Web-based wallet creation
  • Faucet creation for coins
  • Coin repair and alterations
  • Block explorer creation

Cryptocurrency consulting for virtual currencies like bitcoin present unique development challenges and compliance risks. As your cryptocurrency consultant, we’ll provide end-to-end process consulting to help you get started and going support along the way. You’ll have convenient access to a broad array of experts in all aspects of cryptocurrency development and implementation.

Develop Your Own Cryptocurrency

The Venture Aviator team will help you create your own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. If you need some assistance with your plans to develop your own cryptocurrency, we’ll act as a crypto consultant so you can fine-tune your vision. Avoid the hassle of having to search for crypto developers or other specialized personnel and take advantage of the capabilities of our developers and their deep understanding of this technology. After you’ve made the necessary decisions about your cryptocurrency or discussed your plans with us in detail, our team will get to work for you. A cryptocurrency consultant from the Venture Aviator team is also available to answer your questions, determine what’s needed to get started, and offer solutions that work within your available budget. By partnering with us as you develop your own cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to minimize some of the common issues that can make the development process challenging. This includes addressing possible vulnerabilities and security threats. Virtually every cryptocurrency is open source used today is based on what’s used by Bitcoin or Litecoin. Once you’re all set up with code, the next step is to spread awareness of your cryptocurrency. With the right approach to marketing and the right technical framework in place, you’ll be well-positioned to succeed with your own cryptocurrency.

Your Trusted ICO Developer

ICOs are similar to IPOs and crowdfunding. And there’s a technical structure that needs to be set up to run campaigns of this nature. We’re the ICO company ready to help you establish campaigns to fit your cryptocurrency business model. Our developers will help you set up the necessary structure based on what type of money will be accepted and the duration of your initial coin offering campaign. As a start-up, you’ll benefit from the experience of an ICO company like ours. It’s essential to have a secure environment since you will be selling a percentage your cryptocurrency to early backers. The Venture Aviator team is prepared to set up campaigns specific to your fundraising goals. ICO Consulting Security is a top concern with the ICO structure. We’ll set up the necessary safeguards to maintain the security preferred as you run your ICO campaigns. You’ll also appreciate our expertise as you move your software onto the blockchain.

Ethereum Developer

We’ll help you evaluate potential blockchains for your project, one of which is Ethereum. It is the decentralized platform our Ethereum dev team uses for applications that need to run exactly as programmed without any risk of fraud or other forms of third-party interference. When you make Venture Aviator your preferred Ethereum developer, you can count on us to create apps run on a custom built blockchain.

Ethereum development can be created and implemented to achieve tasks that may include:

  • Creating markets
  • Storing registries of debts or promises
  • Moving funds in accordance with prior instructions

Ethereum Development Services

Solidity Developer

Solidity is the programming language needed to write smart contracts. Similar in some respects to JavaScript, it’s typically used to enhance the Ethereum virtual machine. Hire Venture Aviator as your solidity developer and we’ll use it to help you implement contracts on your various blockchain platforms.

Bitcoin Exchange Website Development

Choose us as your bitcoin developer and we’ll create a secure, customized destination for your digital transactions to take place. A bitcoin exchange is a website created for the purpose of trading bitcoins for other digital currencies or flat currencies. The site we develop for you will also be where you’ll store your bitcoins. Understandably, security is one of the primary attributes and priorities for many of our clients when it comes to bitcoin exchange website development. It’s just as important to develop an exchange that’s as user-friendly as possible. We’ll also set your exchange up to accept your desired payment options (e.g., PayPal, bank transfers, cards, or cash). If you have an entrepreneurial mindset but you’re not too tech-savvy, we’ll help you select appropriate software and infrastructure specifics for your exchange. Regardless of how much technical experience you have, we can create a customized site that’s designed to handle digital transactions as efficiently as possible.

Our Bitcoin-related services include:

  • Bitcoin exchange website development
  • Wallet development
  • Scaling transactions
  • Integrating Bitcoin with payment systems
  • Customized Bitcoin and blockchain solutions

Dapp Developer

As a Dapp developer, we utilize three primary resources — Web3 JavaScript API, JSON RPC API, and solidity documentation. We’ll create a dapp that further streamlines the user experience. Your users will also appreciate the fact that every Dapp knows the identify of each user. This means your users won’t have to log on or create accounts to access your decentralized apps.

Smart Contract Developer

For smart contract companies, we can help set up the technology needed to allow the involved parties to complete actions like dropping bitcoins into vending machines (ledgers) or other transaction processes. With smart contracts, option contracts between parties will need to be written as code into the blockchain. What our developers do is help with the process of getting the contracts written as code.

BCDC Online

Need instance access to BCDC online services? Get the assistance you need from a blockchain development company like Venture Aviator remotely. While we’re a custom software development company that is based in New York and Los Angeles, our BCDC online experts are easily accessible from any location that’s convenient for you.

Bitcoin Consultants 

If you already have some of the basics of the technology necessary for bitcoin transactions in place, hiring a Bitcoin consultant from Venture Aviator can be a smart way to get the extra assistance you need when it’s needed. Think of it as a type of Bitcoin freelance service. When you consider the fact that the average Bitcoin developer salary ranges from $100,000 per year to $250,000 per year, it’s easy to see how you can save money by turning to us when you need instant access to a Bitcoin expert advisor.

Need some more compelling reasons to team up with Venture Aviator? 

  • We’re one of the leading companies working on blockchain
  • Our cryptocurrency development services are highly adaptable to the needs of business of all  sizes, from start-ups to large corporations
  • You will have no trouble finding a Bitcoin expert or Ethereum expert if you want to get in on the Bitcoin or Ethereum trend
  • We are a top-notch blockchain vendor
  • Our blockchain team is easily accessible even when your project is complete if you need follow-up support
  • Our Bitcoin consultant and Altcoin Consultant rates are always reasonable

At Venture Aviator, we think you deserve to work with a blockchain development company with the resources and skills required to deliver fast, affordable results ready to make a good first impression on your intended end-users. Our goal is to make the blockchain development process simple and customizable to what’s right for you. Ready to partner with our experienced blockchain coders?  Contact the Venture Aviator team today to get started.

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