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Chatbots are currently the hottest technology trend that offers a variety of functions including personal assistance, weather forecast, and flight delay updates. Before proceeding, make sure to have a clear picture of exactly what a Chatbot is. A Chatbot (also referred as Chat bot) is an artificial intelligence technology developed to initiate conversation with human users. Chatbots can respond automatically to direct commands by analyzing keywords and delivering natural conversational phrases. Some of the most popular and featured Chatbot applications are Chatbot Facebook, Smooch for Messenger, Smokey, Kik, Settle it, and much more.  The AI industry is expected to expand to $70B by the year 2020 according to a report from Bank of America, and Chatbots are certain to play a central role in that expanding industry.

In recent years, Chatbots were being used by companies for their businesses to expand interaction with their customers. Facebook and Microsoft wouldn’t call themselves Chatbot companies but both are plunging into Chatbots to interact and engage customers without bearing extra cost. Before you dive into Chatbot AI and Chatbot applications, here are few of the things you need to know about them.

Chatbots Act like Personal Assistants

The primary goal of Chatbots is to offer assistance on anything you need. Instead of installing different applications, you can use a Chatbot. For example, if you are looking for a nearby grocery store, you could simply ask bots to assist you. Similarly, if you need to build an online store a FAQ Chatbot can act as a virtual assistant and answer the question without any delay. Collecting data on comments or questions asked by users to Chatbots can later be used to deploy relevant solutions based on keywords in real time. Chatbots can eventually be built to interact with other Chatbots. For example hypothetically in the future your own personal Chatbot (with intimate knowledge of your preferences and daily routine) can interact with a with an Uber Chatbot to order a cab, and use Seamless Chatbot to order you a meal on your way home, and then interact with a Netflix robot to pick a movie for you when you arrive based on your mood.

1-800 Flowers Chatbot gives you a personalized flower-buying experience that you often get a florist
1-800 Flowers Chatbot gives you a personalized flower-buying experience that you often get a florist

Bots are the Future of Apps

Chatbots are not only the future of apps but also the future of AI systems. This means that Chatbots will be the backbone of Microsoft Contana, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Google Now, and Apple Siri. Companies will have to switch to these platforms to make use of their apps. For instance, the App store is a major source of revenue for the world’s biggest company, Apple. If Facebook forces people to use Messenger bots instead of other apps, they will dig a pit for the major source of revenue or profit.

Chatbots will be Taking Over Customer Services

Chatbots can lead to automated customer service solutions for many businesses. Different companies can launch Chatbots across various messaging apps to act like a FAQ source. Chatbots act like a virtual sales representative for many online stores with knowledge of product names, images, descriptions, FAQs, and more. The result will make the purchase and sale of products hassle-free. Recently the Chatbot-powered Rental Insurance App called Lemonade proved so successful that it’s beating all established Fortune 500 Insurance companies in acquiring new customers in markets it has launched it in 2017.

A recently created parking ticket Chatbot called DonNotPay successfully appealed $4 Million in Parking Tickets

Branded Bots are Future Yellow Pages

In the innovative world of technology, the most reliable, easiest, and fastest way to communicate with friends, peers, or family is through a text message. If the same thing was applied to business, wouldn’t it be a revolutionary step to grow the business? Through the launch of branded account pages across various message apps platforms, the virtual assistant in the form of a Chatbot can allow customers to search for contact info, service assistance, and product information.

Chatbots are meant to assist and help us in our everyday life. The potential of Chatbots has just started to be seen.

If you have a Chatbot Development Project it is best to partner with Chatbot Experts

To Create a Chatbot you not only need great Chatbot developers and an understanding of the Chatbot framework but also you often need expertise in AI and natural language processing. Whether you are head of a Fortune 500 company or a Chatbot Startup, you may have some great ideas on how to build a Chatbot. Consulting a professional award-winning software development company like Venture Aviator is a good way to start.

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