Appeal to users no matter where they’re searching, chatting, or browsing by turning to the team at Venture Aviator for your cross platform mobile development needs. What makes us a leader in cross platform app development is our ability to adapt our services to the unique needs of our clients. We have expertise in all aspects of cross platform Android development and iOS app development. If you’re looking to create a seamless user experience with your app across multiple platforms, we’re here to help!

What Is Cross Platform Development — and Why Does it Matter?

Cross platform app development simply refers to developing mobile applications that can be used on iOS, Android and desktop platforms. The cross platform mobile app development market is on the rise and with it, the number of cross platform mobile development application tools available to users.

We make it our business at Venture Aviator to keep up with this rapidly growing market to better serve our clients. One way we do this is by incorporating many of these tools into our development process. Well-made cross platform mobile apps ensure that the user experience won’t be sacrificed for users accessing your application on different devices.

In the business world, a cross platform app can be useful because of the growing “BYOD” (bring your own device) trend. Since most workers no longer rely primarily on office PCs, many businesses now need to develop their own corporate mobile apps. And these applications must be able to be used on different mobile devices with different OSs that operate on different networks.

In the business-to-consumer world, cross platform capabilities are important because most consumers today stay connected via multiple devices. Understandably, you want an application that can produce the same user experience no matter what device someone uses to view and use it.

When you want to have an app that can work on different mobile devices, you can create two different applications, one for Android devices and one for iOS devices. However, doing so means the same code will have to be written twice. This can mean a longer, more complex development process. The happy medium here is to turn to Venture Aviator for a cross platform mobile development solution.

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What Is React Native?

Developed by Facebook and Instagram, React Native is considered the next generation of a JavaScript code library called React. The purpose of RN is to bring the React paradigm to mobile app development. It uses Node.js to build JavaScript code, which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

What RN does best is make it possible to share code between Android, iOS, and the Web. Thousands of apps used by both innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies are already using React Native. You will work with a React Native developer from Venture Aviator who will help you build a highly functional and user-friendly iOS or Android application that can appeal to users on multiple platforms.

RN for Android and iOS

While RN can be used for iOS apps, it can be just as awesome on the most widely used OS in the world. Check out this React Native Android tutorial to get a better idea of how it works on Android applications.

If you prefer an iOS development with RN, we’ll give your mobile application the same attention to detail. In fact, iPhone app development with RN can be just as cost-effective and adaptive to client-specific needs as what we can accomplish with Android RN development.

Our ability to achieve similar goals with iOS and Android means no matter what type of applications you have, we can make them accessible across multiple platforms. Our iOS and Android developers are committed to ensuring rapid product development within the RN ecosystem that includes:

• Versatile cross platform mobile development
• Reliable coding as per ES6 standards
• RN migration and maintenance
Automated testing and application deployment

React Native vs ReactJS

React Native is a framework for developing Android and iOS applications. It’s an entire platform that our cross platform mobile development team can use to build a customized cross platform mobile app. ReactJS is a JavaScript library that’s useful for constructing a high performing user interface (UI) layer.

React Native vs Swift

With many applications, the biggest advantage RN has over native development in Swift is development time. When used by our cross platform mobile team, Facebook’s framework can speed up development time for clients without sacrificing quality.

Even if only a small part of your codebase is shared between different operating systems, a Swift app rewritten in Swift by a cross platform mobile developer from Vendor Aviator can have a major impact on usability. Going with RN over native development in Swift also means:

• One framework for multiple platforms
• More convenient development with hot reloading
• Declarative high level API

Hybrid vs Native Development

Hybrid vs Native Development

Native vs Hybrid Development

Native apps are developed in the language that’s required by a specific platform (e.g., Java for Android, Swift or Objective-C for iOS). The code is not shared across platforms with native development.

Hybrid apps are basically “websites” inside of a mobile app. Developed using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, hybrid applications can execute the same code no matter what platform is being used. What our cross platform team at Venture Aviator can do is use tools like Cordova and PhoneGap to use the native features of a device.

React Native vs Ionic

Iconic (formerly ngCordova) is a hybrid development framework. It requires use of PhoneGap or Cordova to access native features to create an optimal UX. Since development in RN is primarily done in JavaScript, it’s easier to share code across platforms. Another key difference is that RN is rendered with native components instead of HTML and CSS.

Because Iconic is a hybrid app, the same code can be run no matter what platform is being used. Iconic results in applications that adopt behaviors of their platform. For instance, tabs would be displayed at the top of the screen on Android OSs and at the bottom with iOS.

Whether you’re hiring us for a Cordova developer, a PhoneGap developer, an RN developer, or in some other capacity, testing is something we routinely do to ensure the quality of our work. With Ionic, instant feedback is provided since it quickly refreshes as changes are made to the application. RN produces native rendering, so there’s no need to worry about testing in the browser.

So, what’s the verdict on Iconic and RN? Overall, neither one is better than the other. There are appealing advantages with both Iconic and RN. Luckily, the cross platform team at Venture Aviator has experience working with many different technologies. This flexibility allows us to use the framework that’s right for each client’s unique needs and preferences.

React Native vs Xamarin

iPhone OS applications are typically written in Objective-C and Swift. Android apps are usually developed in Java. Tools like RN and Xamarin make cross platform development less time-consuming.

Xamarin is a C# framework. RN is based on JavaScript. If you hire us as an Xamarin developer, we’ll be able to use native widgets to render the user interface. Your app can also be designed in a platform-specific way. RN has a custom hierarchy of widgets. Xamarin-based development can mean faster deployment on Android platforms.

RN does have the hot reloading and live reloading capabilities that make it an appealing choice. However, Xamarin has some limitations with iOS. Still, Xamarin’s integration with OS is great. RN won’t necessarily give you a native “look and feel” which is a drawback if that’s what you have in mind.

Speaking from an Xamarin developer perspective, we can tell you that it’s a fast and full framework with many possibilities. Speaking as cross platform developers with our client’s best interests in mind regardless of what framework is used, we can tell you that RN has some fancy features and unique capabilities that can also produce equally impressive results.

Cordova and PhoneGap

Cordova was once called PhoneGap. It’s a platform we can use to build native mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS. It’s also a tool we can use as part of a cross platform development project for both iOS and Android devices. What it means for your finished product is that the internal web pages will stay the same and the native containers will change based on the operating system.

Why Choose Venture Aviator for You Cross Platform Development Needs?

Venture Aviator is a React Native developer fully prepared to use extensive knowledge of all things RN-related to develop a highly adaptable application that’s right for your intended purposes and target users. Whether you’re in need of cross platform mobile app development for internal use within your business or you’re looking to create cross platform mobile apps for your customers, you’ll find that we’re your trusted source for the best cross platform mobile development. We think you’ll appreciate working with us for the following reasons:

• We have an innovative approach to smartphone cross platform development that results in unique solutions for each client
• We’re an interactive cross platform mobile development company that consistently communicates with clients and delivers results in a timely manner
• Our cross platform solutions can easily fit into most budgets
• Venture Aviator’s mobile cross platform development services also include any follow-up support you may need post-development

We believe the best cross platform mobile development experience is one that’s tailored to your needs. Are you ready to hire a cross platform mobile developer committed to delivering sensible, engaging solutions? Contact Venture Aviator now to get started.

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