Taking an idea from creation to concept involves a lot of work. Even if you already have staff in place, development and ongoing IT needs can quickly strain your internal resources. The solution is to stress less and hire dedicated developers from Venture Aviator to augment your in-house team. We have a fully staffed web development center,  iPhone development center (don’t worry, we also do Android work, too!) with a team of dedicated center software experts ready to provide the added technical insights and support you need.

Looking for a Dedicated Team or Individual Developers?

Consider outsourcing jobs to Venture Aviator! The staff aug model we follow at Venture Aviator is simple. We’ll provide services that are needed. Since we’re flexible and committed to meeting different client needs, we also offer managed services as an option. You’ll have convenient access to individual developers on demand as well as access to dedicated development teams for everyone from small startups to larger businesses that may need some help juggling multiple IT needs.

We maintain a vast resource pool at our dedicated development center with an assortment of technical knowledge to meet your needs. Our staff augmentation services, options, and capabilities include:

• Outsourced software product development
• Staff augmentation consulting
• Outsourcing jobs for specific tasks or ongoing needs
• Staff augmentation consulting
Agile software development
• IT augmentation and dedicated development center QA testing
• Project-specific software development needs to be handled at our dedicated software development center
• Staff augmentation SOW (a choice of hiring arrangements)

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An Established Team of Professionals at Your Service

Our dedicated development center is your one-stop source for all of your IT staff augmentation and development needs. Regardless of where you need some expert assistance, we’re ready to jump in to help you meet your goals by filling whatever roles you need.


The mobile experts at our development center have created numerous mobile applications, allowing us to offer a wide range of expertise for your staff augmentation needs. Do you need a dedicated developer with a firm grasp of native or cross-platform design? Do you need help setting up the onboarding process or adjusting your interface? We have the development resources to quickly meet needs like these.

Software Testing Specialists

Minimize the risk of launching a product with bugs or overlooked end-user issues by outsourcing your software testing to the team at

Venture Aviator. At our software development center, our QA engineers will use proven testing techniques to perform functional, performance, automated, and mobile testing on your product.

IT Services

It augmentation can easily cut down on development cost since you’ll have instant access to technical assistance whenever it’s needed. We provide an assortment of software maintenance and support, including extensive infrastructure support.

staff augmentation services

staff augmentation services

Software Development Outsourcing

Our software development center includes mobile and desktop software developers with a strong knowledge of .NET, Java, C++, and other coding languages. Because we adhere to Agile software development methodologies at our dedicated development center, we anticipate the need for flexibility to allow for the clean delivery of individual pieces of software.

Software development outsourcing from Venture Aviator can also mean instant access to any advice you may need during the development process. Since there’s a lot of expertise to take advantage at our dedicated development center, we’ll be able to connect with your experts and are ready to provide assistance with:

• Software and IT staff training
• Advice on how to implement newer technologies like Blockchain Development and Augmented Reality
• Guidance on how to work around product limitations
• Ways to cut costs without sacrificing user experience

Staff Augmentation vs SOW

When you take advantage of the resources available at our dedicated development center, whether it’s with our IT staff or developers, there are a few ways you can do this. You’ll be hiring us as non-employees, or contingent professionals.

With the staff aug model, you’ll be hiring the Venture Aviator staff for the duration of your project. Essentially, we’ll be providing extra support for your existing staff to do things like complete a complex development project that has a tight deadline. You could also retain our services for additional project needs after the launch. This option is great for when you need extra help on the team!

If you hire us as statement of work (SOW) contractors, it usually means you have a particular challenge or task that needs short-term attention. You’ll also specify what specific tasks we’ll do and when you expect those tasks to be completed with a scope of work. Consider the following staff augmentation SOW examples to get a better idea of how such arrangements can address your needs:

• Complete start to finish product support: You would likely hire dedicated developers from Venture Aviator to augment your staff since several tasks will need to be completed.

• Specific technology implementation: Let’s say you only need help converting an Android app to an iOS version. You might hire us through scope of work terms to complete that specific task.

• Ongoing IT support: Maybe you don’t have an in-house IT team and you can’t afford to hire staff full-time for this purpose. In this instance, IT staff augmentation would make more sense since our staff would be handling various tech-support needs.

• Company-wide training: You may be updating to new technology that your staff isn’t familiar with. With the SOW option, you would specifically hire us to train your staff.

Staff Augmentation vs Consulting

Staff augmentation means you’ll be choosing Venture Aviator staff members with specific skill-sets to meet certain needs for a period of time. This is a staff aug model primarily focused on providing an extra set of hands.

Consulting, on the other hand, typically involves clients who know exactly what they want. Our purpose with consulting is to meet more specific needs or offer project-specific guidance. With a project-based consulting model, for instance, we can help reduce the risk of potentially costly misdirections or offer solutions to unique problems.

But how do you know whether or not you need staff augmentation or consulting? Answer this question — Are you starting something new or do you just need some extra help to complete what you’ve already started? If you’re trying to figure out the direction of your project, you’ll likely benefit from our consulting services. But if you just need some extra IT or software support, then you’ll probably want to consider our staff augmentation services.

The staff aug model can be great if you already have things set up and just need some extra support. Project consulting, however, is more of a partnership. All involved parties have a vested interest in producing the desired results. This can be beneficial if you want to minimize your risks, especially if you’re dealing with a new technology for the first time.

The consulting model seeks to amplify your own team. The staff aug model seeks to provide additional resources as needed. So, what’s right for you? It depends on several factors. Answer another question — How established is your process and methodology for the work that you’re doing? The best way to figure out how Venture Aviator can fill your needs is to clearly understand what you need and what you want to accomplish.

Staff augmentation consulting

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

Many companies today are looking to overcome short-term capability deficiencies. With a staff augmentation business model, you can offset the cost of hiring full-time IT and software staff by only getting the help you need when it’s needed. You can scale up or down fairly quickly, based on the level of support and expertise required.

The managed services model involves outsourcing your needs. With this model, you’ll still have the flexibility and skill access that comes with staff augmentation. However, you’ll also receive a commitment to deliver a certain outcome. It can be a useful option since the high level of involvement required may allow your existing staff to develop the know-how to assume certain responsibilities once the project is completed.

In the staff aug approach, you’ll still be controlling things like the quality and quantity of the work. With a managed model, there will be a need to complete a certain task within a specified time frame. This could mean eliminating some uncertainties. If you work with a reliable company like Venture Aviator, you have even greater certainty that all contracted work will be done on time.

Staff Augmentation vs Time and Material

Because we have a dedicated software development center and talented IT staff, we’re able to save our clients time and money. We accomplish this goal by offering multiple options with how we provide our dedicated development center services. With our staff augmentation services, you’ll only pay for the support you need. It’s an easily manageable option since our work can be done when your project is ready or when it hasn’t started yet.

Staff augmentation arrangements can save you time and money in many ways. First, you won’t have to spend time hiring new employees or training in-house staff. Second, you’ll get developers and IT staff ready to start right away. This can be a time-saving option since you’ll be able to enhance your staff to get things done faster or stay on track with your deadlines.

If you have a time and material contract for specific services, you’ll have the opportunity to change things as you go. This is appealing if you’re at a point where you are still polishing the concept of your application. With a time and materials contract for certain services, everything will be completed one step at a time. This structure typically best suits agile development. What’s best for you will depend on your needs and your existing capabilities and resources.

Why Choose Venture Aviator?

Make Venture Aviator your go-to staff augmentation or managed service provider for your development and IT needs. We have a full-service development center staffed by a dedicated software development team ready to provide the level of support that’s right for your needs and budget.

Keep in mind that our staff augmentation business model at Venture Aviator is one that’s highly adaptable to client needs. So, it’s easy to transition from software development outsourcing to IT staff augmentation. Here are some more reasons to take advantage of the resources available at our dedicated development center:

• Development cost is often lower when products can be delivered faster and more efficiently
• Our staff augmentation consulting can give you instant access to valuable insights likely to improve your odds of seeing positive results with your products
• You won’t have to stretch your own development resources too thin
• Our outsourced software product development services are affordable and tailored to client-specific needs

Finding a dedicated developer, a top-level dedicated development center, or budget-friendly IT augmentation has never been so easy. Contact the Venture Aviator team today to get started with a consultation to tell us how we can help you.

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