Accelerate your business with intelligent, strategic Scala development with a top software development company. Venture Aviator’s Scala developer consultants will ensure the rapid success of your enterprise software development projects. Partner with talented software architects proficient in all aspects of Scala programming.

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While not mainstream yet, Scala seems to be gaining ground as more businesses are discovering its potential. With proper implementation, Scala can provide a happy medium between robust enterprise support typical of Java and the approachable syntax of a dynamic, object-oriented language like Ruby. Scala is also appealing because it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing it to fit in nicely with any operational tooling and monitoring pieces you may already have in place.

Modern Web development with Scala and custom app development using cutting edge technology is what you can expect when you hire us as your Scala developer. Venture Aviator’s experienced team will collaborate with you on your Scala project from start to finish so you can harness the power of a JVM language that is concise, logical and powerful. Our Scala development services and capabilities include:

• Scala Web development
• Scala application development
• RScala Android development 
• Enterprise application development with Scala
• Lean software development with Scala
• Scala consulting

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How We Approach Development with Scala

In order to create a successful product with Scala, careful planning, organization and dedicated deployment is essential. Our approach to development with Scala, whether it involves Web development or mobile app development, is to collaborate with our clients to take a vision and turn it into a beautiful and well-functioning product that is not a pain to maintain and upgrade.

With Scala projects, we’re versatile enough to fit in where we’re needed. We have the resources necessary to provide full-scale Scala support that includes end-to-end development. We’re equally adept at troubleshooting problems with your existing systems or offering advice on how to develop an existing product with Scala. We offer solutions designed to take care of all of your requirements. 

At Venture Aviator, we realize all products, whether Scala is involved or not, go through a lot of flux in the initial stages. We’re readily available if you’re at a point with development where you want to test the waters and make sure a programming language like Scala is right for your needs and budget. Ultimately, our goal is to help you develop a robust, scalable product that fits in with what you have in mind.

Modern Web Development with Scala

Our forward-thinking approach to website development extends to our capabilities with Scala Web development. Quality is something we never compromise on when helping our clients define their Scala Web projects with more clarity. We craft smart Web development solutions by using best practices such as agile methodologies and automated testing. No matter how you want us to fit into your team, we’ll leave you with a solid foundation in place when your Scala Web development is complete.

RScala Android Development

Venture Aviator is a custom software development company with a staff of highly skilled mobile architects passionate about creating the ultimate user experience for you and your customers. If your Scala application involves Android, tapping into the power of the Scala language can result in a lightweight design since apps written in Scala start at 30kB. Having the right Scala programming talent on board for your Android project means:

• Faster turnaround times
• Full support for developing Android projects and libraries
• The ability to seamlessly include third party libraries
• Easy-to-use and maintain code for existing and new Android projects

Scala Consulting Services

Are your systems built on legacy frameworks? Then it’s time to turn to Venture Aviator to seamlessly migrate to Scala. This is just of the ways you can take advantage of our Scala consulting services. What we do with Scala consulting is help you and your existing IT staff gain a better understanding of Scala. We provide first-class Scala software development, consulting and training services built on a strong functional core.

Our goal as Scala consultants is to provide the guidance, support, and leadership you need to enhance your own in-house resources. Venture Aviator has partnered with many organizations in a consultant role to develop and implement sophisticated technologies in a way that’s efficient, functional, and cost-effective. When acting as Scala consultants, our team can help you:

• Successfully and smoothly integrate Scala with Java
• Develop even better procedures for unit testing and assertions
• Skillfully implement implicit conversions and parameters
• Effectively leverage XML with Scala
• Explore the feasibility of Scala projects prior to development
• Leverage packages and imports
• Develop a better understanding of Scala classes and application framework
• Understand Scala on a deeper level in terms of the language’s control abstraction, built-in control structures, inheritance and composition
• Explore and learn the architecture of the Scala collections framework in detail

Scala Outsourcing

Yes, hiring good developers is hard, and hiring a good Scala developer can be an even more daunting and frustrating task. But it doesn’t have to be if you choose Venture Aviator for your Scala outsourcing needs. Software development outsourcing with our team means you will be diving into a talent pool from one of the top software development companies. You will also benefit from:

• Shorter development cycles
• Added savings from not having to hire full-time Scala programming or development experts
• Greater scalability with your Scala application or Web development project

Why Choose Venture Aviator for Scala Development?

You have a choice when it comes to Scala companies. But not all Scala companies provide the broad range of software development services available from Venture Aviator. We take pride in being a software development company capable of routinely meeting and exceeding expectations. What makes use a leader among software development companies for all things Scala-related?

• Our engagement models with Scala are proactive in that we make every effort to anticipate challenges and needs
• We have provided Scala programming support to many leading businesses and corporations
• We have experience with many different types of open source platforms (MEAN, Ruby on Rails, and PHP just to name a few)
• Our development team will fit in where needed with your Scala project while also giving you the space and time needed to focus on other aspects of your project

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