It is no secret: wearable technology is changing the landscape of industries big and small. From the almost-here Apple Watch to Google Glass and the recently announced device made by Phillips that helps doctors track patients’ health who have a chronic respiratory disease (credit to, wearable technology is becoming increasingly applicable to all industries.

Wearable Technology

But wearable technology represents much more than just high-tech wristbands and glasses. The trend is going to guide CEOs, entrepreneurs, software developers and marketers through the second decade of the 21st century. Professionals are finding ways to integrate Google Glass internally and externally. Do note that Google Glass is increasingly aiding enterprise development, as the consumer side of the device appears to have fizzled out. But make no mistake – according to a Forbes report, Credit Suisse estimates that wearable technology will accumulate to a $50 billion industry in the next three to five years. The following usages of Google Glass are pointing a finger at the fact that certain wearable technology is quickly becoming a sticky trend and is improving enterprises across industries. It can help improve yours as well:

  • There are countless apps being developed for Google Glass that are improving efficiency, such as Homework for Glass, which helps students keep track of their work without needing to kill more trees by carrying multiple syllabi. Epson’s Moverio smart glasses help medical professionals draw blood without missing the vein (credit to
  •  Better communication can help in any work environment. Apps like UniSpeech, a real-time speech translation app for Google Glass, are helping to bring people together and bridge any gaps between global entities.
  • Most people know that consumers today check online for comparison purposes before making a purchase in-store. Google Glass apps like Crystal Shopper allow consumers to scan a barcode while analyzing reviews and prices with the device. If consumers are finding ways to use Google Glass, so should your business. Dawn Data sends you metrics from Google Analytics daily, and permits you to request data if you need it – instantly. Use Google Glass for analytics.

In the consumer realm, if you are a marketer, soon wearable technology might be able to help you locate your customers and better understand their tendencies. Others, like Apple Watch, might help aid your marketing campaign by reaffirming and promoting your brand attributes. Of course, your customers probably won’t wear your gadgets (even if they look like the next best thing since sliced bread) unless they have some incentive to do so. Make sure your team crafts a suitable business plan prior to implementing a wearable technology.

To all entrepreneurs: no matter how great your business currently is or might be, your idea or service means nothing if you do not adapt to the times. Act now to avoid the panic later of keeping up with your competitors who have, more likely than not, begun thinking about wearable technology. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup that has just moved into an office, your team should be analyzing the logistics of and working towards a wearable technology.

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