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Custom Software Development

Top Five Startups by Ex-Googlers

Google is one of the largest technology companies on the planet. Its significant size also translates to a massive workforce. Over 70,000 people have worked at the Mountain View Googleplex and other company offices since its establishment. The company management encourages its employees to be entrepreneurial and innovative. However, Google has its fair share of employees leaving the company to start their own companies. Some of these ex-Googlers, on leaving the company, decided to scale down and start-up new enterprises to great success.
Initiatives founded by ex-Googlers have had heads turning around the globe. Some of them have already been View more…

How to make an app like Instagram

How to Make an App like Instagram

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for a billion dollars in 2012 was considered by investment analysts as extravagant at the very least. However, by 2016 when Instagram was conservatively valued at $50B, the critics were claiming to have been misquoted. But how easy is it to build an app like Instagram? The simple answer is that it’s not rocket science. It is harder, far harder. I mean, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea and other pariah states have enough rocket scientists to build millions of missiles, but there is only one Instagram in the world. And View more…

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Why Now is the Best Time to Make an Augmented Reality Application, and How to Do It.

Ten years ago, the tech industry and video game developers were ecstatic about the opportunities advances in technology were creating for virtual reality. However, as we hurtle into the 21st century proper, more and more developers are turning their backs on virtual reality for a new and exciting approach to perception: Augmented Reality. Developers are not the only ones turning to Augmented Reality. Harvard Business Review recently had a major segment authored by the famed Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, which had View more…

How to make an app like Uber : A Look at Functionality and Cost

Do you want to improve your service delivery by offering it on demand? If so, Uber is a great case study. Uber’s journey will help you learn how to build a first class on demand app and provide excellent service while understanding the costs associated with the development process. Let’s get started.

Developing an application like Uber and uploading it to the Google Play store or the Apple App store is not a walk in the park. Shifting users from the taxi business requires an exceptional experience for both riders and drivers, a seamless application and a trustworthy intermediary.

Uber Marketing View more…

5 Ways a CTO can Accelerate Business with AI without Help from Elon Musk

With all of the buzz around AI this year, including Elon Musk’s launch of Neuralink, an AI startup that would link computers to human brains, we wanted to look at what companies should be expecting from AI and how to incorporate it into their businesses and projects today. The tools to build AI machines have become widely available making it necessary for any company who wants to have a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s world. No one wants to be in the same boat as photo film giant Kodak when they chose not to invest in digital tech. Now is View more…