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Startup Funding & Strategy

Top Five Startups by Ex-Googlers

Google is one of the largest technology companies on the planet. Its significant size also translates to a massive workforce. Over 70,000 people have worked at the Mountain View Googleplex and other company offices since its establishment. The company management encourages its employees to be entrepreneurial and innovative. However, Google has its fair share of employees leaving the company to start their own companies. Some of these ex-Googlers, on leaving the company, decided to scale down and start-up new enterprises to great success.
Initiatives founded by ex-Googlers have had heads turning around the globe. Some of them have already been View more…

What to do After You Raise Your Investment Round for Your Startup

4 great tips on avoiding common pitfalls and critical errors

There are suddenly 7 digits in your company’s bank account. It’s very tempting to succumb to the glow of success. It’s completely human; after all, you’ve just raised enough cash to support your project- that’s the hard part, right? You’ve worked so hard, you deserve to bask in glory for a little while. Well, I would be a hypocrite to suggest that you don’t throw a party, but keep it to one night and then get back on the horse. There’s still a lot of work to do. Having cash View more…